Check out the benefits of eco-friendly cork flooring

While cork flooring has been around for years, it's making a rapid comeback as one of the most desired floor coverings. A common sight in houses in the 1920-1940s, cork flooring was shoved aside by the innovations of synthetic options like vinyl and laminate. But, for today’s more eco-friendly homeowners, cork flooring is the perfect hard-wearing floor resolution. 

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The advantages of cork flooring

On top of being one of the more comfortable and quieter underfoot materials for your flooring, there are countless advantages you will love when you choose cork floor tiles.

Cork flooring is a remarkable environmentally friendly choice constructed with natural materials and minimal processing, leaving a tiny carbon footprint.

Cork is tree bark gathered from cork oak trees in the Mediterranean after they arrive at 25 years old. It's only harvested every 8-14 years from the tree, making cork one of the more sustainable building products.

Cork floor tiles are easy to install and could additionally be utilized on your walls in every room for a gorgeous interior design. Cork is sold in numerous appearances, rolls, planks, and tiles to fit your requirements.

Cork is naturally waterproof, anti-mold, and anti-fungal, which means it’s an incredible kitchen or bathroom flooring selection.

Even though cork flooring can be vulnerable to divots and scratching, it can last 40 years or more with quality care and maintenance.

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Getting cork flooring

Step 1: select your design
Look at our vast inventory of high-quality cork flooring options in many styles, shapes, and colors.

Step 2: measure up
Measure the floor space you wish to have the flooring installed, so you know how much to purchase.

Step 3: pick an adhesive
We have an array of the finest cork flooring adhesives to select from.

Step 4: complete your purchase
Once you have the flooring and adhesives you need, finish purchase and shipping details and get your new floor products in no time.

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WRIGHTS CARPET INC solely works with certified providers who practice sustainable cork harvesting and high-level manufacturing. The outcome is beautifully designed cork flooring choices for our patrons, who are always delighted with their orders. As a top flooring store, we ensure our valued clients receive the finest enjoyment and value with their brand-new floors.

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