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The key to keeping your Asheville, NC hardwood floor looking its best for as many years as possible is floor refinishing.

Floor refinishing in Asheville – Are you tired of looking at your damaged hardwood floor, but don’t have the budget to replace it? The good news is that you might not need to. Often, a hardwood floor can be restored beautifully with the floor refinishing services of our team at Wright’s Carpet. Although we also sell and install hardwood floors, we really prefer to salvage existing hardwood floors whenever possible. That saves you money! We have been serving the flooring needs of Asheville, NC residents for over 35 years, and in that time, we have learned a thing or two about using floor refinishing to transform a dull and damaged hardwood floor to its original brilliance. In fact, we are very confident that if we can’t restore it, nobody can! Floor refinishing is an ideal option for most situations. There are, however, two situations in which it might not be a viable option. The first is if there is too much water damage, resulting in the flooring being too warped to be restored. This is a very rare occurrence and usually only the case if there has been a flood or water leak that was not properly remedied in a timely manner. The other situation is regarding the quality and age of the hardwood flooring. If the floor is good quality, there is generally enough material remaining, so the surface can be sanded down to remove damage. Unfortunately, sometimes a floor has gone through all the episodes of floor refinishing that it can manage. The key to keeping your hardwood floor looking its best for as many years as possible is to have floor refinishing performed before it needs more involved processes, such as heavy sanding. By preserving that top coat, a hardwood floor will easily outlive you, your children and even your grandchildren. Entrust us to help you preserve that investment for future generations. Call us today for a quote on floor refinishing to restore or preserve your floor’s beauty.



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